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Getting the most out of WiFi and troubleshooting

Good WiFi and good broadband speed have become synonymous with each other. We read about it all the time. My internet is rubbish, or my WiFi is rubbish but what does that mean?

If someone says "My WiFi is rubbish" are they referring to the strength of their WiFi signal from their device or are they talking about their internet speed? Conversely, if someone says "My internet is rubbish" do they have a poor WiFi signal or is their broadband connection "rubbish"

In most home situations we connect to the internet wirelessly. If you find yourself with poor internet speeds then (if possible) grab a device that has an ethernet port (laptop for example) and plug a network cable from your laptop in to one of the router's LAN ports. If your internet speed is still bad then I suggest rebooting your broadband router. If this still doesn't resolve the problem then email or call support.
If you have a FTTC or ADSL broadband connection then your poor internet speeds could be a copper fault and will need investigating.

If you don't have a laptop with an ethernet port and your only option is to test using WiFi then take your device and see if the internet connection improves when you are close to the broadband router. Don't stand right next to the router, 6-8 feet is a good distance to test. If you're internet is still slow then repeat the process as above, reboot your broadband router and try again. If that doesn't make any difference then check for things like electrical interference, baby monitors, cordless phones, bluetooth speakers etc can all be a source of interference. Physical objects can also cause problems, anything the WiFi signal has to travel through can cause interference. Look at moving your router up a bit higher and see if that makes any difference.

If you are still experiencing a poor internet connection using WiFi then email or call support. There's no point us selling you a Full Fibre 900Mbps broadband circuit if you can't use it where you want to use it!
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